At this meeting we had a lot to discuss. One major point was the organisation and arrangement of the different talks for the GAP Saturday.

We also went over the finances again and discussed expenses like parties, t-shirts and other gadgets.

The results of these decisions will be handed over to you on May 21st on your arrival.

After we all had entered the new decade well, the first thing we did was to take care of the "food" issue and discuss various options.

The bureaucracy causes us a few difficulties on the way to the bank account access, but of course we don't let it bring us down.

Furthermore we are preparing some cool GAPgets for you, but of course they will remain secret for now.

We have found an accommodation! We don't want to reveal too much to you yet, but in terms of centrality, it's almost unbeatable.

In addition, we have a preliminary schedule now, which you will soon be able to see here on the homepage.

The takeover of the bank account and thus the last bureaucratic step to transfer the GAP is almost done! Finally :D

We also talked again about the different fantastic excursions we will offer you.

Before our fifth meeting as a whole team the sponsoring group had another seperate meet-up, so it was able to report about the so far confirmed sponsoring partners.

The recurring problem of the accomodation could not be definitively solved  but we are continuing to look for possibilities.

It was voted on the color of the t-shirts and selected examples will be ordered.

Furthermore some matters of administration were discussed to get the take over of the association underway.

Another big issue was the planning of excursions which is starting to get concrete.

At our first meeting in the new semester we could win over some freshmen for the organisation team.

The accomodation situation still does not look very promising but we have another competence team now which will take care of the excursions.

Beside this the official board of the GAP e.V. has been properly elected and we decided to keep the GAP 2020 international for the moment.

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