A mudflat hike with geological focus. The smacking of the mud under your feet and the sound of seagulls from above, it doesn't get any more Northern German. Rainproof clothing is an advantage here, although real northern lights will of course go barefoot into the mudflats. Also here the early wake up warning, thanks to the tides.

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Voyage to Germany's only deep-sea island, Helgoland. There will be a small geological tour and also some free time. A bit of seaworthiness - or the urge to face your seasickness - is an advantage, as a few hours on the ship have to be endured. Attention: early getting up.  But in return it's also pretty cool. 

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A geological excursion to the cliffs of Stohl, where you can learn interesting facts about the origin of the Baltic Sea. Afterwards we will visit the high ropes course (also located less than 100 m away from the beach) because climbing is a typical sport of geophysicists, but unfortunately we have no mountains.

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We plunge into the raging waters of the Schwentine and canoe on the Plöner Lake and several of its small side lakes. At noon we will moor, have an extended break and barbecue. Attention, might get a little wet, so rainproof clothes are even more important here than anyway when venturing to Kiel.

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First we will pass the glacial formed landscape of Schleswig-Holstein. Afterwards we continue to the Kalkberg Bad Segeberg, where we can visit the seismometer station, which is normally not open to visitors.

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The marine research institute Geomar on the east bank of Kiel opens its doors and offers a short tour through the different research areas. On our way back, we pass through the Kiel district heating tunnel, which was only moderately successful in construction, but is now all the more interesting to look at. In the afternoon there should be enough time left to spend in Kiel. Ever heard of the Kieler Döner Triangle?

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At first, we will take a tour through the natural science adventure museum Phänomenta, which is family-friendly and includes an earthquake-feeling sofa, an astronaut training centrifuge and some other fun experiments, but is definitely worth a visit for medium-rested geophysicists*. Afterwards off to the Flensburger Brewery - Plop - because what would a GAP be without a brewery tour? (sorry Munich :) )

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We will weigh anchor and cruise on the Kiel Fjord and beyond throughout the day. So pack your sturdy shoes and experience the day's work on a research vessel and get involved. Waterproof clothing is also very advantageous here.

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