The Corona question...

Hey everyone, 

this is not the final cancellation of GAP 2020. A bit of hope, laziness and defiance are keeping us from it for now. It is, however, the warning that probably everybody has been expecting and about which we will make a final decision this coming week. (A wonder does take its time, after all.) 

Things are not looking too good at the moment and even though we might be able to somehow cheat around the rules, that’s not the point and we don’t want the blame for a GAPocalypse. So, don’t book your tickets quite yet and get emotionally ready for a gapless year.  

In 2021, we will make it twice as awesome. Easy. One could say, GAPlactic.  

Until then stay safe, don’t GAPture the virus, and see you either this or next year. 


the GAPtains 


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21. Mai - 24. Mai 2020

The Geophysical Action Program, short GAP, is an annual event for students of geophysics and related subjects, from Germany and bordering countries. The attendees come together at changing universities for networking and exchanging experiences. Presentations hold by research institutions and companies are as well part of the program as workshops and informal excursions.

At the GAP 2019 you chose Kiel, so we are inviting you to us. We are already busy with preparations, so we will be able to provide you a great event in May. We have found a great accomodation for you and are working on arranging exciting presentations and excursions. We will keep you posted on the current status here as good as possible.

Your GAP 2020 Orga-Team






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